Meet Lula and Friends!

CRYSTAL THE COW Crystal loves playing outside in the sunshine, rolling in the grass.
LULA THE OWL Lula loves spending time with all her friends, playing games and having lots of fun.
OSCAR THE OWL Oscar is Lula’s little brother, he loves to learn new things, and meet new animals and playing in leaves.
logan the lion Logan loves to play outdoors, he’s loud and bright and is always getting into mischief with Lula and Molly.
georgia the giraffe Georgia enjoys relaxing with her friends, looking for cloud animals and bathing in the sunshine.
harry the hippo Harry loves to play in the rain, jumping and splashing in muddy puddles.
chris the crocodile Chris loves to splash his friends in the pool having lots of fun
molly the MONKEY Molly loves to make a mess and to laugh and joke with her friends


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